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2016 March- Solo Exhibit

Tamarac Arts and Crafts Festival

Tamarac, FL

2017 February- Solo Exhibit

Mattys Wilton Park

Wilton Manors, FL

2017 October - 2018 February

Solo Exhibit

Robin's House of Tea

Wilton Manors, FL

2019 March- Group Exhibition

Tedd's Art Works, 5th Anniversary

Wilton Manors, FL

2019 April- Group Exhibition

Revolution Live

"Raw Artists"

Fort Lauderdale, FL

2019 July- Starving Artist Group Exhibit

1st place winner

2019 October- Group Exhibition

Arts United at Tedd's Art Works

"The Provocative Show"

Wilton Manors, FL

2021 May- Group Exhibition

Arts United at Gallery 21

Wilton Manors, FL

2021 November- Group Exhibition

Flagler Village Art Gallery

"The Collection"

Fort Lauderdale, FL

2022 April- Group Exhibition

Arts Warehouse 

"Arts Explosion"

Delray Beach, FL

2022 April- Group Exhibition

Hot Spots! Gallery w/Dennis Dean 

"Arts United"

Oakland Park, FL


girl noticed.jpg

Noticing Heather Neiman

“My art is my breath. My soul. I believe my art connects with people because of my vulnerability and authenticity. My art is intuitive, unique, and most often has a story, message, and/or symbolism that expresses itself with much color, collage, and words. I have become my favorite artist, because I finally recognize my value, as a creator, in being a positive force both in myself and to others with my gift of creating powerful and meaningful works of art.”- Heather Neiman

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